Vision & Philosphy

We see our company as an engine to create positive change in the world, funding & fighting for the causes we believe in: Regenerative agriculture, fair trade, hemp and drug policy reform, wage equality, animal welfare—peace on Spaceship Earth! Emanuel Bronner summed it up perfectly with his famous words:

„We are ALL-ONE or None!“

Running business on the basis of constructive capitalism is writ large at Dr. Bronner’s:
Under the “1 to 5 rule”, the members of our management board earn at most five times more than the lowest paid employee. Furthermore, wages and salaries are on average 25% higher than going market rates, and employees receive generous social benefits (such as private health insurance) which are unusual in medium-sized Family businesses in the USA.

One-third of the company’s profits is traditionally invested in charities and social activities. The remaining profit is reinvested in the company and not, as in many other companies, paid out to the owners. Since 2006 we have been supporting sustainable development and social justice through Fair Trade projects all over the world – to the benefit of over 3,000 farmers, workers and their families.

  • We protect the environment that delivers our raw materials.
  • We are responsible towards our fellow humans and ourselves by creating fair working conditions and offering fair pay to our employees.
  • Our products are made from agricultural raw materials that have received organic and Fair Trade certification.

Emanuel Bronner advocated his vision of a world where people live together in equality and peace. So that his message was spread beyond his lectures, he started printing that vision on the labels of his liquid soaps – and you can still read them there today.

Manufacturing natural soaps from plant-based raw materials expressed Emanuel Bronner’s philosophy and sent out a clear signal, particularly in an era when the production of household items and cosmetics from petrochemicals was rapidly increasing.

So when you use our products, you are also making a small but important contribution to this vision of a fair, sustainable economy.

Emanuel Bronner


„We are all brothers and sisters, and we should take care of each other on spaceship earth.“

David Bronner

Cosmic Engagement Officer – CEO
„Our corporate culture continues to reflect our grandfather’s ideals. We want to show that it is indeed possible to operate a business that is consistently sustainable and fair..“

Mike Bronner

„Our company is now being run by the 5th generation of our family, and we have a long tradition of integrity, meticulousness and responsibility. We prove that with our products, and with our corporate approach and activities.“

Axel Rungweber

Managing Director Europe
„Each of us can indeed make a difference to the world – every day – every minute… by starting with ourselves!“

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