We are California Soapmakers, but we identify with a much wider & rounder territory: the tiny-huge, living-breathing deep blue miracle, Source of all our ingredients, home to our ancestors who began this work generations ago, home to all our relations and descendants, and all the people who make and use our products today. This 2020 All-One! Report, like all of our work at Dr. Bronner’s, is dedicated to our beloved Mother.


Climate positive
within this decade!

Dr. Bronner’s commits to climate positivity by 2025—meaning our business will draw down more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit. How? By sending zero waste to landfill, choosing renewable power, efficient transportation, responsible packaging, and sourcing raw materials from smallholder farmers who use regenerative organic practices that draw down atmospheric carbon. Love & honor our home and each other! Climate justice for all!

Holistic farming
to help cool the earth!

Carbon farming is a critical tool for mitigating climate change. By transitioning suppliers to practice Dynamic Agroforestry (DAF) & regenerative organic farming, Dr. Bronner’s is on our way to being climate positive!

Refuse, reduce, reuse &
recycle for a cleaner world!

We all have a role in solving the planet’s plastic problem. Since 2003, Dr. Bronner’s has sourced post-consumer recycled plastic for most of our bottles. This helps keep used plastic from incineration, landfill, or leakage into our oceans, builds the market for recycling, and stops new plastic from being made. But we have more work to do! So, we’re working to find alternative materials, design, and refill options. Onward!

Dr. Bronner’s on the global climate strike

On 29 September, the global climate strike day, Dr. Bronner’s employees around the world took to the streets to raise their voices for the observance of the Paris Agreement and against the continuing climate destruction.
On this day we decided to close the online shop for one day in protest. ALL-ONE!

Great schooling for every kid!

Together with Serendipalm, our ethical & sustainable palm oil sister company, we’re building the Regenerative Learning Center in Asuom, Ghana. It will include a Montessori preschool for 150 children, a large training & meeting center for farmers & community groups, and a guesthouse for the increasing number of visitors who want to see Serendipalm firsthand.

Better access to healthcare!

Better health for women! In rural India, where our regenerative organic mint oil supplier Pavitramenthe is located, periods can create major challenges for women — many still face stigma and lack access to hygiene products. Dr. Bronner’s & Pavitramenthe are distributing 3,000 washable pads and providing training on menstrual health.

People using business as a force for good!

Certified B Corps are for-profit businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social & environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. With our 2019 B Impact Assessment score, Dr. Bronner’s is proud to be recognized as a “Best for the World” business in the Environment, Community, Changemaker and Overall categories, placing us in the top 10% of all Certified B Corps in those groups.

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